Our People

Andrew Davison

Managing Partner, Head of New Business
To me media is about the things that people love; the TV that they settle down to in the evening or catch up with on the train, the apps and websites they go to every day, the phones in their pockets, the magazines they look forward to, amazing trips to the cinema, the posters that brighten the backdrop to their world….the list goes on. This is our canvas. What an amazing opportunity we have to connect brands with their customers.

Working as a Managing Partner at MediaCom London, Andrew has been a big part of MediaCom since 2010. After heading up the Sky account, Andrew moved to become Head of New Business in 2018.

What has been your favourite ad campaign of all time?

My favourite campaign of recent years is Sky’s Start of Season featuring Thierry Henry. A great piece of content executed through media perfectly, using data in a truly meaningful way to ensure it delivered against every objective.

Claire Ferguson
Tom Curtis