Our Employee Resource Groups


Meet our ERG's

MediaCom’s 8 employee resource groups sit at the heart of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We have groups based around faith, ethnicity, age, LGBTQ+, gender, mental health, disability, and sustainability. Their primary job is to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging at MediaCom.

MediaCom has a vision to be the first agency to represent the UK population and as such, the ERG groups support talent development and are drivers of recruitment, retention, leadership and professional development. Our ERGs also plan events, mentor, and assist with strategic direction and content that ladders up to our overall Inclusion Strategy.

The collective voice of our ERGS ensure we understand the needs of our employees and help to support MediaCom’s inclusion strategy and they provide a sense of community, inclusion and belonging within the company. ​

You can find a short summary of each of our ERGs, including the chairs of each group, below.

Access Ability Logo

Access Ability

Chair: Teresa Crooks

1 in 5 people have a disability, with 83% of those people acquiring these impairments during their working years. Sometimes these challenges are visible and sometimes they’re not, but they create a sense of exclusion that can be exacerbated further when we conduct so much of our working day on a screen.

Our ERG, Access Ability, plays a huge part in helping remove these barriers, raising awareness on the topic and ensuring all employees are undertaking progressive training in the space. Most importantly, they work to make sure our building, facilities and tech are accessible – for everyone.

Gender Logo

Every Gender, Everyone

Chairs: Mariama Jelman and Joanna Andreopoulos

Every Gender, Everyone believes that in order for people to reach their full potential at MediaCom, we need an environment where everyone can be themselves and where all opportunities are open regardless of gender.

The group does invaluable work around parental support and flexible working, listening to the needs of our employees, whilst also ensuring we mark both International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day each year.

Faith Logo


Chairs: Wunmi Adesina and Juliette Margolis

Faith is MediaCom’s ERG who are passionate about creating a friendly, relaxing and inviting environment for colleagues to share their experiences and ideals around their beliefs.

The team, led by Wunmi and Juliette, work to ensure that MediaCom is inclusive of all faiths and religions, allowing people to bring their true self to the workplace.

Generation Logo


Chair: Louise Wright

Our workforce is changing. There have always been generational differences, however we are now in the unique position of having 4 or 5 generations represented in the workplace.

The mission of our age ERG group, Generations, is to continue the business’ progressive work around age diversity – because it doesn’t matter what your age is, you are of value and your opinion matters. Value is ageless.

We want to help grow our people by striving for better age representation within MediaCom and the wider industry, with a focus on demonstrating that people of all ages have value.

ID ERG logo


Chair: Michael Carter

ID are MediaCom’s ERG group who support our LGBTQ+ community. The team, led by Michael Carter, works tirelessly to create a safe space for our employees, continuously providing support, education and events for the company not only to mark cultural events such as Pride month and LGBTQ+ history month, but throughout the year.

They have recently worked to ensure that MediaCom’s Pride flag flies outside their London office all year round.

Mental Health Allies logo

Mental Health Allies

Chair: Emma Glenn

The Mental Health ERG is here to provide a confidential listening service to all of our MediaCom community and to reduce stigma through education on the many facets of mental health.

The Mental Health Allies themselves are a group of 40 plus members of staff who have been trained to support staff in dealing with any mental health issues they may be facing – whoever they are and whatever the issue. An ally's role is to listen, signpost and keep you safe without judgment.

Roots Logo


Chairs: Bonita Samuels and Rose Addison

Roots is our ethnicity ERG who work with the wider WPP Roots network, as well as global leadership, to understand how we can drive change across the industry.

The team are an invaluable voice within MediaCom, providing support to employees, awareness-raising newsletters and events, but most importantly working with HR and leadership to instigate change.

Roots were recently involved in shaping the compulsory training that MediaCom has rolled out for all staff on microaggressions and allyship.

Green Team logo

Green Team

Chair: Sanjay Shabi

The Green Team encourages behaviour change amongst staff to take greener, more sustainable action and choices both in and outside of work, whilst supporting wherever possible, the sustainability function within MediaCom and wider Group M Mission Zero ambitions.

To align with and help amplify broader industry sustainability initiatives, namely Advertising Association’s Ad Net Zero initiative via WPP, and IPA’s Media Agency Climate Action Working Group. Compliment, feed into and provide another platform for MediaCom’s Social Change hub.