MediaCom hosts Inclusion event focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Thursday, 2nd of February saw MediaCom host its first Inclusion event of the year. The session focused on mental health, which coincided timely with ‘Time to Talk Day’ – an initiative to highlight the importance of conversation regarding mental health.
The panel was formed by Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn global mental health ambassadors, Laverne Antrobus, child and educational psychologist and Nicky Harris, Director of Partnerships and Events at NABS – along with Karen Blackett, Chairwoman, MediaCom UK.

Karen Blackett started the conversation by drawing the rooms’ awareness to the reality of mental health and how very real and prevalent it was in our everyday lives.
For those who came to the session looking for ways to gain a better understanding of mental health, Laverne Antrobus talked about the importance of community in the workplace and having the ability to not only look at ourselves, but ensure we look after ourselves.

The Inclusion event was closed by Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn who bought the tears to the room. Their incredible story was already a familiar one for some having been highlighted in the media several years ago. Eight years ago, Jonny was preparing to jump off London’s Waterloo Bridge when approached by Neil who successfully bought him back to safety by simply approaching Jonny and assuring him that “it will get better, you will get better”.

There was plenty of information provided from the session but the biggest take-away was to make sure we take care of our mental being and be aware of those who may be suffering around us. You can out more on Time to Talk Day here

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