MediaCom at Ad Week 2017

Advertising Week Europe took place last week and MediaCom put on a lively informative session tackling one of the biggest topics in the industry, – mental health and wellbeing. The session highlighted the importance of conversation regarding mental health with a panel formed by Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn, global mental health ambassadors.
Josh Krichefski, CEO, MediaCom UK started the conversation by drawing the rooms’ awareness to the reality of mental health and how very real and prevalent it was in our everyday lives.
Our panellists who brought tears to the room, shared their incredible story that was already a familiar one for some, having been highlighted in the media several years ago. Eight years ago, Jonny was preparing to jump off London’s Waterloo Bridge when approached by Neil who successfully bought him back to safety by simply approaching Jonny and assuring him that “it will get better, you will get better”.

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