NABS Presents: The Glass Wall

On Wednesday 7th December, Sue Unerman (Chief Strategy Officer at MediaCom) and Kathryn Jacob (CEO at Pearl & Dean) joined us at a breakfast event at MediaCom to introduce their new book The Glass Wall.

Sue and Kathryn addressed some of the assumptions and miscommunications holding women back in the workplace and provided clear, smart and easy-to-apply strategies for success.

This talk has attracted individuals at all levels from graduates (early adopters) through to Commercial Directors and CEO’s (influencers).


Observe how the men around you behave. Don’t let yourself be left behind because they self-promote more aggressively than you do. If the culture doesn’t work for you, find a place where you can thrive.

Speak up. There are many things to fear in life, meetings are not one of them. If you never fail, you’re never going to learn anything.

Talk your manager’s language. If you’re proposing an idea, work out the best way to communicate it. Find out what your manager is passionate about – it might be sport, it might be art – and how they approach things (maybe they’re forthright, or prefer a softer approach). Use their cues to explain your thinking.

Forget about being liked. This is work, not a popularity contest.

Play the numbers game. If you hear a no the first time you ask for something don’t give up. Keep asking and always use evidence and data to make the best case you can.

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