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Seven years after PlayStation’s previous console launch, Sony were ready to launch the business-critical PS5. Taking both Xbox and a global pandemic head-on, we created a disruptive and culturally relevant launch that made the PS5 the biggest ever console launch.

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PlayStation vs Xbox is one of the most renowned rivalries in the world, however, high-spending Xbox were chasing at our heels.

With the onset of COVID-19 and a completely re-imagined media environment, the launch of the new PS5 console required some seriously creative break-through ideas.

The game was on to reaffirm PlayStation’s position as the world’s biggest interactive entertainment brand.


As our largest-ever global media campaign activated in over 50 markets, the launch became a huge cultural moment as we leveraged iconic and immersive media showing that ‘Play Has No Limits’.

This took on new meaning at a time of widespread lockdowns.

Gamers trust other gamers, so by leveraging the power of our engaged PlayStation fan base, our innovative media placements looked to harness this support:

  • In the UK, we collaborated on the execution of a partnership with Transport for London (TFL) which included an Oxford Circus take-over and changing the iconic tube station roundels to the four PlayStation symbols
  • In France and Germany, we created integrated media partnerships which included events, content creation and influencers
  • Whereas in the US, we partnered with the channel ‘Adult Swim’ that used custom content featuring a special PS5 spot from Rick & Morty in their own unique & irreverent style


The PS5 was the biggest console launch ever!

Our integrated media campaign played a key role in making the PS5 the most desired entertainment device in the world and the most talked about console of the year.

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