Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP)


CCEP (the bottling and retail arm of Coca Cola) wanted to fast-track the development of their business capabilities. CCEP were looking to invest in companies that could help future proof their business, but needed a structured way to look at opportunity and assess the capability of prospects. CCEP turned to BLINK Consulting to build CCEP Ventures

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The Work

BLINK Consulting worked with CCEP to refine focus areas for transformation and investment e.g: Last Mile Logistics. Growth Analytics and Forecasting, Driving Trial at the Point of Sale.

We worked with CCEP and their internal stakeholders to develop six briefs that would best address their needs. We would then source, audit and test solutions live in market with a recommendation for scaling.


Twenty one companies were sourced, audited and showcased and three live tests of tech run with CCEP across two markets.

These three companies have gone on to work with CCEP as part of ongoing activity, including last mile robotics company TeleRetail, who had a 15% investment in the company taken by CCEP, with a place on their board.

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