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Berocca came to us during the multiple lockdowns which punctuated the winter of 2020/21. They needed a campaign which would overcome the shift to ecommerce for a brand which typical performed best in-store. We came up with a world first audio campaign to maximise on relevant messaging and guide consumers from ad to purchase without challenge from other vendors.

BA Berocca Alexa


The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the kinds of products that consumers were buying, as well as the ways in which they were buying them. For Berocca, a leading multivitamin boost supplement, this transition provided both opportunity and obstacle.

The Vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) market was experiencing growth prior to the pandemic which only accelerated the trend. In the UK in particular, the government recommended that people take vitamin D supplements to aid a healthy immune system. These factors created a significant boost in the sector, providing Berocca with an increased opportunity.

However, people also turned to ecommerce in this period as shops closed and high streets remained empty. Berocca traditionally perform strongest in-store sales, thus this transition also created a challenge, particularly as the digital space is already well-populated with competitors and third-party sellers of Berocca.

We needed to come up with a captivating campaign in order to harness the growing demand for VMS products, whilst avoiding the competition of external vendors.


From our own research, we knew that healthcare messaging needed to be relevant to the consumer rather than generic to yield fruitful results. With this in mind, we turned to A Million Ads who specialise in personalised audio advertising to come up with a dynamic and captivating campaign.

A Million Ads use data to create adverts which change dependent on the time of day, day of the week, and even the weather. This means that the listener feels seen and heard, reflected in the relevance of the messaging.

As people were now spending so much more time at home, we knew that they would likely be using smart speakers to listen to the radio, which have now become a common household device. Berocca’s adverts were played across Global radio stations, which include some of the UK’s most listened to such as Heart, Capital, and Capital XTRA.

Once the audience heard the highly relevant advert, they could then open an Alexa skill on their smart speaker which would enable them to learn more about the product and purchase it directly. This actionable element was an incredibly innovative idea and the world’s first audio advertisement of this kind. It successfully invited listeners to react to the ad and follow straight through to purchase in the absence of physical stores, whilst avoiding the highly populated competitor field.

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