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ellesse is a brand with a strong 90s nostalgia image. In 2021, they needed a campaign which would speak directly to Millennial and Gen-Z shoppers to recruit a new generation of ellesse wearers. We came up with an innovative campaign to bring together the new generation’s online habits with their desire for experience, excitement and memorability, by creating TikTok’s first ever shoppable concert with popstar Zara Larsson. The event amassed 700,000 video contributions with a staggering reach of 3.4 billion people and counting.

Ellesse bebold


In order to communicate with the Millennial and Gen-Z audience, we would need to make some noise.

Insights showed that these audiences spent almost a third of their waking hours online. Yet when it came to making purchases, they remained more motivated by in-store experience rather than just the products themselves. We needed to bring these two factors together and find a space to grab their attention. We knew that we could access them online, yet we needed to disrupt the advertising they were regularly exposed to, to create something innovative which they could not ignore.


Our idea was to create a world first by hosting a globally live-streamed shoppable concert using TikTok. The short-form content platform was positioned perfectly to capture the attention of our young target audience.

To make this happen, and make as much noise as possible, we worked with ellesse brand ambassador and pop star extraordinaire Zara Larsson. Larsson took to the virtual stage wearing a number of ellesse outfits which viewers were able to view details of and purchase directly through TikTok shopping. This interactive, live shoppable event via TikTok was an incredibly innovative world first.

To further contribute to the buzz we wanted to create around the event, we created a TopView ad to capture the attention of TikTok users, right at the top of their feed. We also created a branded hashtag challenge, #BeBold. Using a bespoke branded effect, the hashtag enabled fans to become part of the show itself as Larsson’s backing dancers. They could submit videos of their own dance videos set to Larsson’s hit song Right Here, and potentially see themselves as backing dancers during the performance.

This incentive drove high levels of engagement. The additional collaboration with TikTok creators in recording videos dressed in ellesse clothing added further hype to the already exciting event.


The campaign was an incredible success and impressive example of innovative creativity which revolutionised how brands can think about communicating with audiences via livestream.

The hashtag challenge amassed an impressive 700,000+ videos, with a staggering
3.4 billion people
viewing the content. We had clearly created a lot of noise and captured the attention of ellesse’s target audience, bringing the element of experience to the online shopping environment.
Our users spent an average of 31 seconds trying the BEBOLD branded effect. The branded effect videos were viewed
25 million x
smashing the average of 4 million.
We achieved an
8.04% VTR vs 5.09% average
over 60 thousand people visited our profile and our
social following increased by 245.6%.

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