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Ann Summers wanted to make sexual confidence the preserve of the many through the launch of My Viv.

Advertorial in Good Housekeeping


Sex is for everyone, but sexual confidence is by no means easy for all women. Ann Summers wanted to make sexual confidence the preserve of the many through the launch of My Viv, a line of sexual products which holds equality at its core.

We worked with Ann Summers who help spread the word of My Viv to women across the UK, whether they identify with the young, empowered women the media portrays or are reconnecting with themselves again – perhaps after having a baby, finding themselves single for the first time in a while, going through the menopause or recovering from cancer.


Research showed us the different ways in which women’s sexual confidence might be affected. We found that 47% of women post cancer had low self-esteem and 94% had stopped having sex. They couldn’t relate to the content out there because they didn’t see themselves in it. This guiding insight framed our overarching campaign concept; we would invite our audience to ‘Rediscover You’.

We encouraged the UK’s women to “Rediscover You” by creating the most intimate and inclusive partnership with Hearst.

We started by challenging Hearst’s own sex content, of which 80% appeared on Cosmopolitan, a very young platform. Working with editors and My Viv experts, we integrated into editorial across all titles, creating a contextually relevant narrative that took women on a journey of rediscovery. Sexual confidence is such an intimate journey, so we used segmentation, targeting and real voices to offer tailored support throughout.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to work harder to lift the stigma so took on a second challenge, campaigning to get the word vagina mentioned live on air for the very first time.

‘Rediscover You’ activated across Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Red and Prima. In a Hearst first, we produced an editorial ‘power topic’, where the four editors joined us to give guidance across all four magazines. This was the start of a commitment from Hearst to make their sex content more diverse and inclusive.

In another first, we moved consumers through to purchase with shoppable video making it easy to discreetly buy My Viv products, sent straight to their homes.

Finally, we partnered with Heart FM, as well as sponsoring Hannah Witton’s Podcast “Doing It”, for the first ever mention of the word “Vagina” on live radio.


increase in consideration.
The inclusive content broke the highest ever scores for commercial engagement
was scored for Red’s co-branded article: ‘Dating in your 40’s? It’s not what you’d expect…’ Not only that, the campaign encouraged women to take the next step to rediscovering themselves, with 50% of our audience agreeing that every woman has the right to sexual confidence, and with 1 in 3 women taking action a result of seeing our content.

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