What can we do as an agency to encourage a greener media landscape?


Sky, one of MediaCom’s clients, was the first media company to become carbon neutral and have now committed to banning all single use plastics from their business by 2020.

Since January 2017, Sky have removed all plastic water bottles, straws, cups and cutlery across its European sites. This is fantastic and gives us all inspiration and motivation to make daily changes; in fact, we are following suit and have already given reusable water bottles to every employee.

In other news around the agency, we are also encouraging the disposal of batteries to be done in the correct way. If batteries aren’t disposed of properly, the chemicals seep into the ground, causing contamination. MediaCom are making this an easy job by having battery disposal bins on each floor at Theobald’s Road; next time you open a drawer and find old, flat batteries, declutter your home and your bit for the environment by bringing them to the office with you and drop them in the designated receptacle!

With Christmas being synonymous with buying, this also means lots of throwing away. The impact of our habits is vast and there are steps we can take which make a big impact, such as opting for your ’best’ plates instead of disposables and saying no to plastic straws. In today’s wire-free world, it’s unavoidable to live without batteries, so why not try the rechargeable version instead?

Finally, with more brands looking to be socially conscious than ever before, digital media owner Good Loop may be the answer. Offering video units programmatically, once the viewer watches 15 seconds of an ad, they unlock the capability to donate 50% of the media spend to 1 of 3 charities in the ad. This can be any charity of the brand’s choice and is already driving good completed view rates- a win-win situation for all!

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