The Lockdown Diaries: 7 key trends

19 11 20 The Lockdown Diaries 7 key trends

The Lockdown Diaries: 7 key trends

At MediaCom, we launched the Lockdown Diaries to reflect week-to-week on the rapid pivots and behavioural changes we were witnessing. The UK’s COVID lockdown brought an unprecedented growth in digital activity and device usage. So has digital helped us to adapt, or have we been rewired for good?

The shift to online – what will stick?

Kantar’s J Walker Smith identified 3 principles for assessing which behaviours are likely to pass the test of time.

  • The ‘New Coke’ Principle – people miss what they previously took for granted.
  • Asymmetry – people slip back into old routines unless the effort of changing is sufficiently rewarded.
  • Acceleration – as convention is swept away, sectors and businesses that are already struggling give way to emerging trends and brands.

Using the model and data, we have aimed to best predict the way in which digital will shape the way people interact in the future, through 7 key trends:

  • Non-grocery online retail
  • Grocery online retail
  • Streaming and SVOD
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • At home replacement
  • Social media usage
  • QR Codes

To read more about these trends via the full report, click ‘Download Article PDF’ below.

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