Despite the disruption to our lives, could Covid-19 make us more kind?

Corona on the beach

Before you read any further, I want to assure you that this is not another coronavirus article to scaremonger. Instead, I’m interested in pondering what effects this virus might have on the marketing & advertising industry.

So, here are my thoughts and predictions:

  • TV impacts are going to be massively up

During times like these, people have never been more likely to stay indoors. I’m surely not the only one who’s noticed that even the roads into the office are quieter, as more & more people are choosing to work from home at the moment. More people indoors mean more people in front of the box, which means greater TV impacts for our campaigns. Yes!

  • Cinema is going to suffer

Apologies to anyone who has booked a Cinema campaign in the near future. 2018 was the biggest year for Cinema since the 1970’s, followed closely by 2019’s admissions. Unfortunately, I predict that 2020 may end up being one of the poorest years for Cinema. With major events being cancelled left, right & centre – people opting to pay for a confined space, next to a bunch of strangers in a dark room where the surround Dolby audio means you can’t hear the person next to you coughing… no thank you!

  • Radio & news brands are going to feel the benefit

It’s no surprise that people are frequently checking the news at the moment. People want the latest updates on the virus and how to keep safe & well. As a consequence, I’m predicting that readership of news brands will increase – not necessarily in press, but definitely via digital outlets of news brands. Plus, when it comes to radio, similar to the above point on TV, more people indoors mean more people tuning into their favourite radio stations and logging onto their preferred music streaming services.

  • Sales of Corona beer are going to increase

In line with Mark Ritson’s view in his Marketing Week article last week, I believe that those discussing the impact of the virus on Corona’s sales are in fact increasing the brand’s sales and salience. The outbreak has boosted the word “corona” to an all-time high. Plus, in an age where social media is key, people are loving a cheeky quarantine spoof of Corona beer, not being allowed to hang out with the rest of the alcohol gang.

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