Stripping back | Internet picks of the Week | 26 February '21

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There are some logos we all would instantly recognise, some slogans that are said daily in our homes and some events that make us question the complexity of every day.

It seems long gone are the days of simplicity, especially in Ad Land. Recently, we’ve seen some big brands strip back and deliver some powerful campaigns without all the bells and whistles that have become the norm. Is less more?

We Deliver

McDonald's have gone abstract in their latest Outdoor campaign promoting McDelivery. The ads showcase their iconic golden arches reaching inside and illuminating different rooms – making a big standout statement with this minimalist artistic design. Only a big brand like McDonald's could get away with being recognisable with only half their logo in such a stripped-back creative, but they’ve done just that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen minimalism from McDonald’s, last year they made a big statement with only a few words using a typography creative which simply read “Muffin, Egg, Sausage, Cheese, Muffin”.

Find out more on Campaign here.

Have a Break

Designed as part of a Twitter challenge, a new “unofficial” Kit-Kat ad has garnered unprecedented attention, getting tens of thousands of likes, praise from top-level design leaders and marketers. It's even attracted the attention of Zoom and Kit-Kat themselves. The ad shows a daily schedule, completely consumed by Zoom meetings, with a Kit-Kat duo blocking out two slots in the middle. It’s simple, relevant and work beautifully because it doesn’t need the world-famous “Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat” tagline to know that people need a break from spending increasing hours on work calls.

Find out more here.

Are You Stupid?

Oatly has launched its first European-wide creative campaign that asks one very simple question: 'Are You Stupid?' The campaign and creative is in response to the support from the European Dairy Association of 'Amendment 171 (AM 171)' - which calls for heavy restrictions on plant-based dairy, especially products that specifically reference dairy in any way, meaning phrases like 'dairy free' or 'creamy' could be banned. The campaign features the responses of real people, from a study that lasted a week, and included 12 focus groups with people from 17 countries, aged 21-64.

Find out if you are stupid* here (*Disclaimer - we don't think you are we are just following the theme of the Oatly campaign)

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