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Halloween 2019

Last week I saw a trailer for a film about a haunted app that that can predict exactly when a person is going to die. It did not look good. When the possessed device subgenre starts popping up in the cinema, that’s when I know we’re approaching Halloween.

Do you think the cursed app serves ads? I wonder if the spirit would permit tracking tags? Is it brand safe? James – if you can request a deck from the murderous creature we can take it from there.

In the run-up to Halloween, Burger King has invited spirits to taste test their limited-edition Ghost Whopper. To reach those lurking beyond the grave, respected LA-based trance-channeler, Riz Mirza, was brought in to summon a range of psyche’s and unleash their honest opinions of the newest treat on the BK menu. Once the experiment was over, it transpired that 11 out of 10 people approved… This Halloween trick follows Burger King’s 2015 Halloween Whopper that spooked with a black bun.

Trick or Treat

Once again this year, Asda shows its enthusiasm for the spooky season with its latest Halloween campaign. The TV creative is about making your little monsters come alive with a 30-second ad set in a haunted house. Back in 2017, Asda escaped a ban when their advert received complaints from distressed viewers as it showed a young girl dressed as a witch who appeared to be possessed. This year, there was no sign of a possessed child, but we have a whole host of classic kids’ costumes including devils, cats, witches and skeletons, all available at Asda from £5.

Make your little monsters come alive

The Missing Children Society of Canada wants to dispel the ‘stranger danger’ myth. Many people assume that missing children have been the victims of random crime, but the reality is different. In most cases, abductors are someone the child has a pre-existing relationship with. Creative agency KBS has partnered with society to debunk this myth. Using photo recognition, AI, and a composite of mugshots they created a Halloween mask representing the most frightening of all: the ‘Everyday Monster.’

The Everyday Monster

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