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Social media platforms have played a crucial role in the crisis and are continuously rolling out new measures and features to not only raise awareness about the pandemic, but also to help their communities in these hard times of isolation and uncertainty.

Whether it’s by making financial contributions or rolling out new features designed to help keep people safe (and sane), it’s great to see platforms taking steps towards fighting the coronavirus. This week, we look at three giant social media platforms and their latest initiatives they’ve implemented to help people adapt to the new normal.

Facebook has launched a new film celebrating all the ways we’re staying connected amid COVID-19 disruption. ‘Never Lost’ was made to honour the solidarity and resilience of so many people coming together during this time. The 90-second film sources real stories and content from people around the world and is voiced over by British poet, Kate Tempest, reading her 2019 poetic song, “People’s Faces”.

Never Lost

Having launched to a younger audience, TikTok has increasingly seen its platform used by older audiences, and families in particular, as a way to entertain and engage whilst in lockdown. Acknowledging its role and responsibilities in these strange days, TikTok has pledged $250m to support front line medical workers, educators, and local communities and laid out just how this money will be used.

TikTok commits

Instagram Live has become a favourite pastime during the lockdown, due to its interactive nature, and with lives featuring all kinds of content. However, popularity has resulted in a surge in choice, resulting in decision fatigue. The Your Live Guide is an antidote to this; an online catalogue of current and upcoming Instagram lives that users can save directly to their calendar.

Your Live Guide

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