Seeing the Bigger Picture: Data Privacy


When it comes to data privacy, too many people are still asking what and how much they can get away with, when they should be asking – “What are the consequences?” when things go wrong. Those that take a more human and longer-term view will surely be the winners.

As part of WPP’s Personalisation V Privacy masterclass, MediaCom UK Strategy Director Katy Harkness presented five steps to consider in order to move your thinking towards a bigger picture mindset:

  • Take control – the future of your brand sits with your ownership of first party data
  • Create a virtuous trust loop – unite conversations about data privacy with those about brand trust to protect both short and long-term performance
  • Be transparent – move ahead of the curve in your leadership style through transparency of your brand’s data privacy approach
  • Make it worthwhile – Be deliberate about the benefits people will get from exchanging data as well as the benefits to the brand
  • Exceed expectations – Stopping at meeting the legal requirements isn’t the right side of the leadership fence – and this is what we mean when we talk about seeing the bigger picture.

For more on these points, and to hear Katy’s full talk, watch the video below.

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