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Kicking off in July 2021, the 2020 Olympics was always going to be a little different from its predecessors. As the opening ceremony played out against the backdrop of a near-empty stadium and protests on surrounding streets, the “United by Emotion” theme seemed a little elusive.

But since the games started, it has become clear that the Olympic spirit has evolved, with health and wellbeing now at its heart rather than glory at any price – with her decision to step away from competing, Simone Biles has become the true hero for recognising that “we need to protect our minds and our bodies… We are people at the end of the day.” This week we take a look at some of the positive stories that have already emerged from Tokyo and look forward to many more to come.

Not Missunderstood

After the Norwegian women’s beach handball team were fined €1,500 for refusing to participate in bikini bottoms, pop-icon Pink stepped up to pay all cost in support of the stance. In a tweet she said “ “I’m very proud of the Norwegian female beach handball team for protesting the very sexist rules about their ‘uniform’. The European handball federation should be fined for sexism”. Given that the rules require men to wear shorts and women to wear a bikini it’s bizarre to think that the handball federation is the last to see the problem with their regulations.

Norway am I wearing that

Misfits and Proud

Who thought that skateboarding would go mainstream and become an Olympic sport? The typical skateboarder was always something of an outsider, and proudly so. Whilst the majority focused on football or athletics, they formed small groups of like-minded souls and practised their craft for hours on end. There were no medals or prizes. There rarely are for the misfits of the world. The #StrongerTogether Olympics campaign celebrates these misfits, with legend Tony Hawk leading the charge. Proudly leading his fellow skateboarders down a tunnel, he proudly states that ‘now, the world will call us Olympians.’ After years of bumps and bruises falling off rails and half-pipes, this must feel like vindication for the advocates of the world’s gnarliest sport.

Oh and don't forget about the BMX especially when TeamGB is so good!

Anti-Sex Beds

Social distancing and Covid-19 regulations have halted the dating and sex lives of many people over the past year and while regulations have loosened for day-to-day life, it is not the case for the Tokyo Olympians. The rumours of the anti-sex beds and a no-sex policy at the Olympics went viral creating a very unusual marketing opportunity. As a response, an Argentinian self-pressure brand, Tulipán have turned the Olympics no-sex policy into a brand campaign offering Olympic athletes a self-pressure sex kit as an alternative solely relying on earned media and news coverage to get the message out.

No sex please we're athletes...

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