Reaching out

Heinz ketchup pouring

Labels perform a myriad of functions, from defining a product to instructing us how to use them (or sometimes how NOT to!). But they can also be used by brands to generate column inches by using them in new and creative ways or by making changes to educate consumers and change behaviours.

This week we peel back the plastic on three examples of how brands have reached out to their customers.

Heinz has repositioned its ketchup label to easily show how it should be poured – and let’s be honest, everyone has struggled to try to get the ketchup out of the glass bottle. They have focused their marketing on reinforcing the emotional connection fans have with the brand in a clever way, giving it a cheeky and fun twist that highlights the iconic and timeless nature of the product.

Searching for the perfect pour

Kraken Spiced Rum has been the talk of London town with a very different kind of label. Well known for its creative use of Out Of Home advertising, the spirit brand has wrapped up several London buses to make them look like they are in the midst of being crushed by their eponymous beast. Simple artwork creates the illusion of chaos and destruction despite us knowing (or is it hoping) that the real bus is somewhere under the oversized wrapper. One Reddit user said “I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a bus advert before, but that actually looks really good” – praise indeed!

Kraken bait

Do you know the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use-by’ on product labels? A poll of 2,000 adults found a third do not. To tackle the food waste caused by this confusion Arla Foods will become the first dairy company to remove all ‘use-by’ dates on all branded fresh milk.

Use-by dates are about safety. Best before dates are about quality.)

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