We all worry about intrusion, privacy and safety online whether for ourselves or for our loved ones. We might think we avoid the prying eyes of others online or that our children are safe on their apps but when faced with the reality, our eyes are opened to the sheer amount of data that we have inadvertently shared with the rest of the world.

Find your Path

HBO has decided to promote the new season of Westworld, through an app that really knows you, centred around data privacy, which is a big link to the new season’s premise. This new social monitoring app called iknowyou.app allows users to “find their path” simply with an Instagram username and lets you discover how much data they can collect from the public domain very easily.

TikTok Safety Lock

For younger generations, TikTok has been the app of all apps over the past few months. But with being such a new platform, how much do we know about the safety for its users? In a bid to put parents minds at ease, TikTok’s new “family safety mode” allows parents to link their own account to their children’s, enabling them to control a range of safety features remotely. The features include screen-time management, choosing who can send direct messages and restricting content they feel is inappropriate for their child.

Polishing up the Chrome

For the past 25 years, third parties have tracked people’s movements every time they hit a domain. However, privacy laws, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have started to turn against mass surveillance. Google has plans to block third party cookies using their Chrome browser by 2022. Following this, Chrome is looking to improve user experience by blocking intrusive ad formats in its short-form videos. In compliance with a new standard from the Coalition for Better Ads, Chrome will block a raft of formats including mid-roll, pre-roll or pods 31 seconds or longer that cannot be skipped after five seconds. With around 70% of the US market, this represents a great change for users but a major set back for digital marketers.

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