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Time to dust off your old devices – this year’s tech trends are looking somewhat familiar

This week’s internet picks take a dive into the resurfacing technology trends we have been seeing this year. From iPods to film cameras and Zelda inspired Nintendo games, maybe when it comes to gadgets, new isn’t always in favour.

iPod out of Touch

We thought the days of squeezing your phone and iPod into your back pocket were long gone but for some, the new smartphones just don’t cut it. With the launch of the first iPod taking place 18 years ago – the new demand for vintage iPods has been quite the surprise. A community of old school tech-lovers have evolved online, sharing their at-home iPod refurbishments. According to these nostalgic consumers, iPods offer a great deal of potential for customisation. With full access to the device’s hardware, users have been able to add vast amounts of storage and upgrade its exterior casing allowing for a fully modified music machine. Users also claim that the device’s separation from the online world enables them to enjoy their songs without distraction – perhaps this retro inspired respect for music is something more of us should be considering!

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Call of Duty

Vanguard released earlier this month and, as with all Triple-A video game releases, expectations were high. Audiences expect bigger and better with every release of big studio games - better graphics, bigger multi-player offerings, and enough content to justify the £63 price tag. Long before the likes of Activision dominated the video game market with multi-billion dollar franchises, Nintendo were the big name in gaming. They produced comparatively simple games on small devices featuring beloved characters like Donkey Kong and Mario. They’ve recently released ‘Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda’ – 3 classic games on a charmingly retro looking device. Whilst it may not have the graphics and multi-player features of a Call of Duty game, this will tap into the nostalgia of older gamers and hopefully reach younger generations who can experience these classics for the first time.

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Home of the Snap

For old-school photography aficionados, Lens Fayre has just launched a planet-friendly, sustainable film camera that works just like a disposable. Aimed at anyone who is just getting into film photography or wants a less wasteful alternative to single-use cameras, the camera is easy to use, small to carry around and can be personalised to you. In order to be as sustainable as it can be, Lens Fayre has also joined the reforestation program run by Tree-Nation and has pledged to plant one tree for every camera sold to help offset carbon emissions.

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