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February’s edition of WPPTV saw MediaCom’s own discuss changing consumption habits to work towards a more sustainable future.

Helen Brain, Strategy Director and Joint Head of Social Change Hub and Pauline Robson, Managing Partner and Head of Blink Consulting at MediaCom UK took on February’s edition of WPP TV. In this conversation, Pauline and Helen discussed how to talk to brands about creating more sustainable consumption models.

They delivered a thought-provoking talk covering all things sustainability when it comes to media, specifically, how we can change consumption models so they are more consistent with the sustainable future we are all trying to work towards. Helen highlighted four key ways we can shift consumption and how we can encourage our clients and consumers to make that shift. Starting with changing what we consume, how we consume, discussing what happens after consumption and the ways we can change why we consume.

Pauline offered a deeper level of insight on where the business opportunity lies in some of these shifts. They covered a range of topics such as: winning market share in new categories, creating new categories due to the shift we’ve seen in consumption, new revenue streams and opportunities to be innovative with how we can use digital and technology to help reduce consumers waste.

To find out more about what these consumption models mean and how brands might make these changes, watch the WPPTV episode here

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