MediaCom and Thinkbox team up to present exclusive Televisionaries event

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MediaCom, in partnership with Thinkbox, held an exclusive online event covering all things TV

Kelly Williams, Managing Director Commercials at ITV, Ewan Douglas, Head of Agency and Client Sales at Channel 4 and Sarah Jones, Director of Planning at Sky, joined for a candid and thought-provoking discussion on the future of TV. The event featured a panel Q&A with MediaCom’s own, UK Managing Director, Satin Reid.

This stimulating session covered a range of challenges faced within the world of AV, from inflation to shortened AB deadlines and mitigating the restrictions associated with HFSS (High in Fat, Salt and Sugar) advertisers.

We kicked off with a scene setting analysis from Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director at Thinkbox, presenting data from 2021, highlighting the volatility that has been in the market in the last year, specifically, when it comes to inflation.

Kelly Williams, Managing Director Commercials at ITV said “ I think we need to engage more with the agencies to make sure that if inflation does hit the market again, it is not a big surprise. Secondly, making sure we are using a combination of linear and VOD to manage that inflation moving forward.”

Satin shifted the panel discussion towards shortened AB deadlines, specifically asking, what the plan is with that flexibility, if this is something we’re going to keep and if we need to get used to the pace of market.

Ewan Douglas, Head of Agency and Client Sales at Channel 4 continued the conversation with: “We’ve got four-week AB deadlines, if you book at that point you get all your quality guarantees that you would have previously had at 8 weeks, it was an enormous shift for us. It’s operationally been challenging for us. What it demands is that we have more open dialogue with advertisers and agencies so that we can at least be discussing what revenues and what capacities and delivery and what inflation is likely to look like to give everybody as much sight because it does create massive challenges for everybody. But we’re committed to it because I think ultimately, it’s what our advertisers want.”

Moving on to HFSS, Sarah Jones, Director of Planning at Sky said: “We’ve been working with ITV and Channel 4 to do panels to talk about the policy, because even though the policy is in writing, it’s still not entirely clear, well it’s clear what people are allowed to do but it’s not clear on the rules that are in place, particularly around brand advertising will prevail as time goes on”

To go more in-depth into the conversations between these TV specialists and the challenges within the world of AV, watch the full event here:

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