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Gen Z are growing up in a culture marred with bleak realities. Navigating through waves of panic, injustice and unprecedented crises is no easy feat.

The environmental emergency, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement is a lot to put on young people’s shoulders but Gen Z is determined to make a difference in their own unique way. Here are some of the latest signals of Gen Zers’ behaviour:

Modern Activism

Teens on Tiktok and K-Pop Twitter (essential reading if that meant nothing to you: War Zone of K-Pop Twitter) reserved “fake” tickets for a Trump Rally in Oklahoma last weekend. Huge numbers were expected, but reality hit when it transpired that thousands of tickets had been bought by sneaky Gen Zers who were never intending to attend. News of this reached US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who tweeted earlier this week: “You just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID. Shout out to Zoomers. Y’all make me so proud.”

TikTok Trump's derailed Tulsa rally

Throw Shade Here

Despite anxieties that are defining this generation, their sharp sense of humour (which often takes place in online spaces) is always present – as seen from this recent example when Gen Y was the butt of the joke. As the cycle of life continues, each generation must turn on their predecessor, claiming the thrown as their own. So it comes to pass that Gen Z is rounding on Gen Y/Millennials with Social media the new battleground. TikTok and Twitter have recently seen the young pretenders throwing shade, insinuating that a generation that uses Buzzfeed and thinks Harry Potter movies are a personality trait (typical Slytherin) and trading pop culture rebuttals. With media channels themselves now defining generations, who knows how Gen Z will feel when Generation Alpha take aim using *insert future media channel*


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Snapchat Update

Gen Z often uses social media as their go-to source of information, and as an escape from reality. In Snapchat’s latest update, they have released a range of features to aid Gen Z with their mental health while keeping them up to date with the latest news. The 2020 update includes a mental health space with resources and tools to ease stress and anxiety, a partnership with Headspace for guided meditation and mindfulness services, and even a reporting tool if you suspect a friend is at risk of self-harm.

Watch the update below (warning you will need a spare 50 minutes), the first few minutes are very calming.

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