International Men’s Day

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In celebration of International Men’s Day, this week we look at how the way we present ourselves can change more than just our appearance.

From Vogue to Pringles, changing your look can make waves that echo around the world and help to combat toxic masculinity.

Big is Beautiful

Sky is continuing its brand partnership with Jacamo with a new body confidence campaign seeking to shift the perception of “fat to big”. To promote their new outdoor clothing range, Jacamo has paired sports and SAS stars in a 10 minute branded content piece that sees the duos race across the UK. You can find out more here.

What it means to be a man today

We have revisited a case put forward during IMD 2016, but still oh so relevant today, about why brands should reinterpret what it means to be a man. We have come a long way from the patriarchal portrayal of emotionless men espoused by Madison Avenue creative agencies in the 50s, to more nuanced portrayals of men who are able to show emotion. This is a crucial step towards breaking down stereotypes and changing the narrative around men, particularly in a country where the biggest single killer of males under 45 is suicide. Advertising is just one of many factors that influence men, but this industry has a responsibility to celebrate diversity and benefit the next generation of men. Remind yourself here.

Pringles X Movember

Pringles has one of the most iconic logos of all time. It’s so recognisable that if you were shown just the moustache, you’d probably shout “PRINGLES” before your brain had time to fully process what you’re looking at. That’s why when Mr. P lost his moustache to celebrate Pringles new one-year charitable partnership with Movember, the world took notice. To further mark the new partnership, Pringles will be donating a minimum of £75,000 to the charity; pledging to fund some of its innovative work in mental health, including its new Movember Conversations tool. Find out more here.

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