Inclusive Planning – 3 approaches and values to impact creativity

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This week on WPP TV, MediaCom UK’s Strategy Director and Joint Head of the Social Change Hub, Claire McAlpine, and Branded Entertainment and Partnerships Specialist Neesha Taneja led a session on our Inclusive Planning process.

We launched inclusive planning last year as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring a diverse audience is reflected through all campaign media planning strategies, media activation and partnerships. We believe that diverse voices are integral to making media plans and, ultimately campaigns effective.

In this session, Claire and Neesha share three important approaches and values to the Inclusive Planning process which they have seen to have a significant impact on creativity in our clients’ campaigns. They cover –

  1. Working from insights, not stereotypes
  2. Centering diverse voices
  3. Diversifying the producers, partners and publishers you work with

To hear more on these points and for examples of some of the work we’ve done using our Inclusive Planning process, watch the session below.

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