Green Credentials

Green credentials

Over the past years, there has been an increase in popularity over the sustainability topic, and during the past few weeks, this has been more obvious, unleashed by the fires in the Amazon forest and all the controversy around them.

Do you know what is your Carbon Footprint? Ovo Energy has decided to extend its mission to be sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint on all future advertising and marketing campaigns. Stating they would ditch out-of-home print advertising and door drops, and work in decreasing carbon cost of transport such as “unnecessary flights”.

Green is the new black

As a lower-priced clothes retailer, Asda has often been criticised for propagating the disposable fast fashion culture. This week, however, they have swapped hemlines for headlines (I know) with the announcement of a trial in-store charity shop called Re-Loved which aims to encourage their customers to recycle whilst raising money for their corporate charity, Tickled Pink. Melanie Wilson, Senior Director for Sustainable Sourcing at George, said “‘By trialling our Re-Loved pop-up shop, we hope to help create another route for unwanted clothes to find a new home and encourage people to think again about throwing away that top or those jeans they no longer love.’

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According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year one-third of the total amount of the food produced worldwide is wasted. It’s not just misusing of resources either – it contributes to 8% of global emissions.

To raise awareness of this Hellman’s are creating a menu using the UK’s top 10 most wasted food items – such as carrots, potatoes, and bread – for the British Street Food Awards final. It’s a worthy cause. Project Drawdown, who champion the 100 most impactful solutions to reduce global warming, state “If 50% of food waste is reduced by 2050, avoided emissions could be equal to 26.2 gigatons of carbon dioxide.”

Try the Vegan Potato Gnocchi

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