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It looks like dawn is finally breaking on the roaring twenties. Across England, people emerge into the spring sunlight, giddy with the prospect of a cold pint served to them at last by un-furloughed bar staff with tears in their eyes.

As an Irish person in Scotland, I am watching on with envy. Here’s this week’s Internet Picks showing how drinks brands are communicating with post-lockdown audiences.

Every Little Helps

Tesco has hit the right tone with their latest print ad which encourages consumers to support their local pub. The ad has received widespread praise on social media for recognising the immense difficulties that the hospitality industry has faced compared to UK supermarkets, using this print campaign as an opportunity to pay it forward: ’Pubs have had it tough this year. That’s why, for once, instead of telling you about our fantastic deals, we’re using this space to ask you to support them instead (as long as you feel safe to do so). Because right now, every little helps.’

Every Little Helps

Back British Brewing

The biggest bodies in craft brewing have launched a new campaign to encourage UK beer fans to support cask beers as pubs begin to open after months of dry taps. SIBA, CAMRA, BII and Cask Marque have joined forces to tell people ‘Cask is BACK, so back CASK’, highlighting the difference in both taste and experience of having a freshly pulled cast beer down your local pub. With 5 million pints having gone to waste during lockdowns, the industry is hoping to drive new and existing fans to fall in love with pint… and another.

Tap That

Beer Boutique

Scottish the craft beer brand, BrewDog, is launching a beer-themed boutique hotel in the heart of Edinburgh. This follows an already established hotel in Columbus, Ohio as well as another planned hotel in Manchester. James Watt, co-founder of the Aberdeenshire based firm, says guests can expect “beer on tap in all the rooms, mini-bars filled with the best beers on the planet and fridges in the shower for shower beers”… Count me in!

Beer on Tap

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