Going the Extra Mile


This week we have been admiring some brands that are going the extra mile, sometimes even into space, to create cut-through and excitement.

Easter eggs everywhere

Cadbury is using Google Maps to host a virtual Easter egg hunt which allows you to hide an egg for a loved one anywhere in the world! The egg hider can either purchase one of four Cadbury Easter eggs for the seeker to physically receive once they have located the online egg, or just stick to the virtual egg. In a time where it is difficult for us to be close to one another, this is a great way to inject a bit of escapism and connection into Easter.

Worldwide Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Above and beyond

For some advertisers, even the world isn’t big enough and this Mother’s Day The Perfume Shop are breaching the atmosphere to advertise in space… the final frontier. Their new ‘Say it…’ campaign gives anyone the chance to tell the maternal figure in their lives how much they love them by having their message played off planet. Using a high-altitude balloon they will play messages for the duration of the journey, with the filmed journey being shared on their website and social media channels on the big day itself. If you’re going to be separated by lockdown, this is certainly one way to go the extra mile (up) to deliver your message…

Out of this world

Good morning my neighbours

Amazon Prime Video has gone all out in their promotion of their new comedy film starring Eddie Murphy called Coming 2 America. Thinking beyond a typical Outdoor media plan, they’ve pretended that his character, His Royal Highness King Akeem Joffer, has purchased some famous international landmarks by draping them with a huge colourful flag of the fictional African Kingdom featured in the film. This is a fun experiential campaign that cuts through the noise while fitting perfectly with the themes of the film. For added drama, they even got Sir Trevor McDonald and Clara Amfo to host a fictional news story about the “mad flex” King Joffer made in buying the National Gallery in London.

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