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This week we have been thinking about the world of gaming, and its many opportunities and offshoots, from Twitch diversifying to live music streaming, Fortnite and the new Avengers game, to Sims fans rejecting Star Wars for the occult.

The future of live music?

Musicians can now link their Twitch profiles to Amazon Music to let fans watch their live streams without leaving the music streaming app. The integration offers musicians a way to potentially reach even more people with their live streams, which have become a go-to way to connect with audiences and earn money on Twitch. Users will receive push notifications when artists they follow go live on Twitch. They will also be able to browse a new “Live” page in the app to find performances in progress.

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The future is here

In Game Advertising, or IGA, is in its infancy, and a useful tool for reaching elusive audiences. It comes in varying forms, hardcoded into a game to appear as billboards or the like, dynamically integrated live into a game, as done in Xbox by the 2008 Obama campaign, and dynamic IGA which can be changed in real-time, offering a plethora of offline expansion opportunities. IGA offers similar benefits to social media advertising, and in a world where social media is taking a hit, this is a compelling alternative. Fortnite has taken this a step further with licensed content and characters within live games promoting new movies (like Tenet below) and concerts. They have now gone full meta partnering with the Avengers to promote the new Avengers game out on 4 September.

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More Occults etc

EA has brought out a Sims 4 Star Wars expansion pack, but some fans are less than impressed. EA launched an official survey earlier in the year to scope out which new features players were interested in, however, Star Wars wasn’t mentioned. Players are upset that those who don’t have any interest in the Star Wars franchise wont really benefit from the pack. One Twitter user stated that the Sims Community have asked for ‘cars, new babies, activities for kids/teen, farming, more occults etc’ but feel that EA has not listened to them. This is perhaps a cautionary tale about listening to your audience.

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