Forget the Detox: The importance of Nourishing

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Laura Southern joins us to talk to our clients about the importance of nourishing

We were excited to welcome nutritionist Laura Southern to talk to us and our clients about the importance of nourishing. During the dark winter months our bodies are in need of nourishment and during a global pandemic, this is more true than ever before.

With an overall approach to mindful eating, in this talk Laura explains how we can enjoy our food and move away from guilt-free eating. As well as talking us through the science of our bodies response to nutrients and the link between our physical and mental health, Laura also offers some practical advice on making better snack choices, how to think about the picking-to-plate ratio for our food intake, and recipe ideas with a focus on variety and satisfaction.

Watch Laura’s practical advice and helpful hints for how to maximise nutrition in the video below.

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