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With more than 2.85 billion monthly users, last week’s Facebook global outage could not have been missed by anyone

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Not only was it extremely frustrating for its users, but also for millions of advertisers and brands around the world that all took to Twitter to sound off after the largest social network went offline for several hours. This week, we are looking at how some brands responded to the Facebook outage and the huge cost of that. Twitter is up.


Beyond the PR challenges posed, there is a substantial loss of earnings attached to the media giant’s outage. Fact-checking website Snopes has reckoned the cost to be a staggering $79m for 6 hours of down time across its platforms. The challenge for Facebook is how they bounce back from the fallout – beyond the initial apologies from Mark Zuckerberg now needs to rebuild trust amongst the multitude of global brands that fund its success

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(Social) Post

In a light of Facebook’s outage, The Post Office launched a reactive OOH campaign to remind public that there is still one method for keeping in touch with friends and family that people can rely on. The tactical and timely campaign launched in London first, but it is to be rolled out nationwide. After all, The Post Office is the “original social network connecting people in a human way”.

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Twitter is Up

Twitter is Up

While Facebook was down, the social media starved party flocked to one of the only powerhouses not affected by the outage: Twitter. Some were seasoned Twitter users heading to a familiar platform, others were logging in for the first time, and some were crawling back for the first time in years. Twitter acknowledged the elephant in the room by tweeting: "hello literally everyone" – and a few million likes quickly followers.

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