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The cocktail of Summer sun, the Euros, and the public’s growing itch to socialise means big business for beer, but how does a brewery stand out from the crowd?

The answer surely lies in a perfectly crafted blend of ubiquity and innovation. Getting the mixture just right is tricky though. Success might mean being the first and last round ordered in every Wetherspoons across the UK. A dud could result in being the leftover stack of beer cases piled five high in a supermarket entryway at closing time. This week, we’re looking at a selection of hits and misses…

Gold, don't always believe what you're sold

BrewDog has courted controversy yet again with their ‘solid gold’ beer can competition proving a huge disappointment to its winners. The competition campaign, which ran for 5 months across multiple platforms, claimed the cans hidden within random boxes of Punk IPA were worth £15K each. This hefty sum allegedly drove some fans to stock up with up to 20 boxes in the hope of finding one.

One lucky winner, who hoped to fund his wedding by selling his can, requested a certificate from the brewer. It turned out that the can was, in fact, made largely of brass with just 0.003mm of gold plating. BrewDog has removed references to the can being ‘solid gold,’ but insist it is worth the £15K. Normally renowned for their incredible PR and marketing, this is the second time within a month the ubiquitous brand finds itself in the brewers’ hall of shame.

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Keg-less Guinness

With two years in the making, Guinness has finally launched their innovative dispense solution called ‘MicroDraught’ developed particularly for smaller bars that will allow bars and restaurants to sell the popular stout without having to order whole kegs. This latest innovation from Guinness will bring the Guinness draft to places and spaces that couldn’t be reached before because of the complexity of kegs, setup, and gas lines.

Find out more about the innovation on the Drum website

We’ll Meet Again

Heineken helps us all look forward to the return of normality as UK lockdown measures continue to ease through their new ad in the #SocialiseResponsibily campaign, “We’ll Meet Again”. Set to the Vera Lynn song of the same name, the ad shows excited socialites as they prepare for what looks like a night on the town. However, it is revealed that each dolled-up punter is actually carrying out a pretty mundane and domestic task, from taking out their rubbish bags to doing their daily shop (while wearing face masks, of course). It ends with the tagline: "Nightlife lives on".

This launches exactly one year on from the release of Heineken’s first #SocialiseResponsibly campaign, 'Ode to Close', which was the first in a series of creatives that showed support for consumers during the global pandemic.

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