Daring to be different

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There are times when it is no bad thing to blend in, and there are those when our differences define us.

Personalisation has been a growing trend in both products and marketing for a while now and it is seen as one of the key ways for brands to connect with their customers and stand out from the crowd. From customisation options to data-driven recommendations, giving the people what they want has never been more important. This week we look at three different examples of how individuality is being addressed in media.

Only You

Spotify is placing its listener, i.e YOU, slap bang and centre of their new tailored brand campaign to show us that it’s not just what songs and artists you listen to, but how you listen to them that matters. The campaign, named “Only You”, demonstrates that each individual of Spotify’s 356M+ listeners are unique, using the ‘Only You’ messaging to show that with all the millions of songs and podcasts you can choose from, everyone’s listening habits are as distinctive as their fingerprints.

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Get Your Ding Back

As part of its ‘Get Your Ding Back’ campaign, Wrigley’s Extra Gum has prepared a series of simulations to help people regain basic human skills post-lockdown. The point and click adventure presents a series of situations that the player must do to re-enter the world as a normal person. The player can move around the apartment to approach items like the TV and the washing basket to see what happens. Activities range from putting on jeans to grabbing essentials, before heading out into the real world outside. What will be the personal obstacles the hold you back?

Discover more here and get your ding back

Totes Branded

In an ironic twist on personalisation, an inexplicable number of Love Island fans will be thrilled by the announcement that there is a new Love Island water bottle for sale in advance of the new series. Devotees will rush to personalise their own iconic merchandise, simultaneously marking themselves out as one of the crowd. The cult reality show are experts at branding, with their range of goods allowing megafans to be feel like a part of the show as they watch it in their Love Island robes whist texting their friends with their Love Island cased phones. Spoiler alert… this year there is also a new tote bag! Ermagerrrd!!

Find out more about the new water bottle here

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