Connected Podcast 61 – Edwina Dunn, founder of The Female Lead and CEO of Starcount


On this week’s Connected Podcast, Chief Transformation Officer Sue Unerman and Digital Director Andrew Spurrier-Dawes speak to Edwina Dunn. She is the founder of The Female Lead, a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing visibility to women’s stories and offering alternative role-models to those who are ever-present in popular culture.

Edwina is also the CEO of Starcount, a data science company who are experts in the science of purchase and intent. Finally, Edwina is a data-science entrepreneur, co-founding DunnHumby.

Edwina speaks about what has changed the most in data-science since she started out, the single skill that she has worked most on and what stops women’s stories being more visible.

You can listen via Soundcloud here, on iTunes here and an RSS feed here.