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The older among us may remember a time when Christmas decorations only went up in shops from the beginning of December.

To some, even the start of the month was too early. How times have changed. We’re not even two weeks in November and the commercially driven festivities have already begun. Time to grab your festive flavoured coffee and get started on your Christmas lists. As always, the brands with big TV budgets lead the way, but we’re also looking at a smart festive charity activation this week, too!

The Grinch Is Green

Christmas can bring out the Grinch in some of us for any number of reasons. One social commentator’s negative reaction to this year’s first lot of seasonal ads will seem justifiable to those of us who view climate change as the critical issue of our time. With businesses so very keen to push their environmental credentials over the course of COP26, he couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of green themes in the festive campaigns. Whether Christmas ads should incorporate serious themes is up for debate, but it’s clear that the usual safe and cosy path has been the creative choice for retailers this year so far.

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Aldi dropped an online trailer for their 2021 Christmas advert that was released in full on November 11th (watch below). In it, they introduce a new animated character: a banana called Ebanana Scrooge. Ebanana is put out on Christmas Eve for Santa but left behind for a mince pie, a tragic turn of events that results in his hatred of Christmas.

However, as adorable as Ebanana is, most of the conversation surrounding the trailer primarily concerns Kevin the Carrot. The much-beloved character featuring in Aldi’s five Christmas campaigns does not seem to be making a return to our TV screens this Christmas.

Chillingly, Kevin’s Wikipedia page has also been updated to say that his “years active” were 2016 to 2020, and that his whereabouts are “unknown”. Perhaps the intensity of life as a national celebrity was really beginning to kale Kevin’s vibe. Whatever the reason for his disappearance, lettuce all pray for his safety.

Read more here and worry not Kevin the Carrot plays a major part in the advert which dropped yesterday. Keep an eye out for a few new characters and cameos.

The Good Fire

With fireplace videos becoming more popular as a result of the pandemic, London agency Above+Beyond came up with an idea to use the advertising revenue generated from those videos for a good cause. They’ve launched a 10-hour virtual log fire on YouTube that raises money for Shelter’s Christmas fundraising drive, a charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing conditions in the UK. To help the cause, all we need to do is play “The Good Fire” video on YouTube, and while the virtual log fire burns on screens, all the advertising revenue generated from YouTube views will be donated to Shelter

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