The changing face of fashion

Searching for clothes

The Fashion Industry has always been an all-consuming one. From magazines to catwalks, the ways in which we consume the new fashions and trends has changed exponentially.

In 2020, digital platforms are taking over. More and more people are relying on Influencers to learn how to style the newest craze, spending hours on Instagram to gawk at luxury brands’ latest collections or even using platforms to tackle fast fashion and upcycle preloved items.

The Future is Trashion

In the wake of Covid-19 another new word has been created, yes ‘Trashion’ may be around for the foreseeable. Mobile apps such as Depop and Poshmark have become the new norm for countless young fashion fans as reducing waste becomes a top priority for eco-conscious shoppers. Resale platform ThredUP has partnered with designer Zero Waste Daniel on ReFashion – a collection of genderless apparel made from recycled materials. At an accessible price, it gives a broad range of shoppers an opportunity to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint by rescuing unwanted clothing from landfills.

Get more information about Zero Waste Trashion on the Forbes website

Ride the Wave

Kevin Keegan, Tom Hanks, Donald Sutherland and Weird Al Jankovic all had one and now you can too. All thanks to TikTok who have added time travel to its list of USPs by doing the impossible – transporting the perm straight from the 80s and onto the curly heads of Gen Z males. With 334m views on the subject of #perm on the platform, perms for men have now become one of the biggest trends in hair care. By the power of social media, a hashtag has generated a growing new sector in the beauty industry and a new generation of photos to be embarrassed about in 20 years’ time.

Allure | "Boy Perms" Are TikTok's Big New Hair Trend


If y’all didn’t know, I can do perms! Shoutout @dyn.nick for the help! #filipino #foryou #asian

♬ walk but in a garden - Llusion

Live Stream Shopping

Amazon Live is allowing influencers to live-stream shoppable content and interact with viewers. The retailer is leaning into a growing interest in spontaneous and personal styles of shopping, as opposed to static click-to-buy browsing. By allowing influencers to live-stream their products and recommendations via the Amazon Live Creator app, the feature gives influencers a chance to gain commission on the promoted products they help sell as well as offering fans the ability to chat and interact with the influencers they follow in real-time.

Live stream shopping on Amazon

Streaming with Amazon Live is free and self service through the Amazon Live Creator app

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