Breaking with convention


Breaking the rules of convention can be a great way to get your product noticed, but when you break industry rules the implications can be immediate and brand damaging. This week we look at those that have fallen foul of the rules and the impact on their brands.

Two TV ads have been the first to be banned under new rules designed to reduce gender stereotyping. Cream cheese brand Philadelphia had its ad banned for portraying two dads at lunch as inept when their babies are whisked away on a self-serve conveyor belt; Volkswagen’s error was showing the men in its ad engaging in adventurous activities but the women in the ad were either asleep or shown with a pram. Both brands had, in their own ways, been attempting to break stereotypes but ended up with the ads pulled by the ASA.

Stereotype free zone

Facebook has been paying hundreds of contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users – the contractors claim they weren’t told where the audio was recorded, how it was obtained or why Facebook needed it transcribed. Last week, they declared they paused human review of the audio, but does this mean they could still be reviewing audio in some other ways?

Shh… they are listening

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