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Brand recognition is part and parcel of a brand’s success, but playing around with it can have an incredibly powerful impact. Whether that recognition comes from the brand name, the tag line or even the brand values, a little bit of tinkering and boldness can produce iconic results.

This week we look at three brands that are reinventing themselves for the times.

Aldi vs Brewdog

Is there anything more punk than two top brands having a Twitter “war”? After Aldi’s own-brand beer became the talk of social media for mimicking the look and feel of famous Punk IPA range. BrewDog has turned the tables by introducing a new line dubbed ‘Yaldi IPA’, with Aldi-inspired artwork and a name based on a Scottish slang used to express the purest joy. It didn’t end there though – after Aldi’s Twitter account suggested that “Ald IPA” would work better, one of BrewDog’s founder agreed to change the name and claimed a case would be on its way to the supermarket.

Find out more on campaign here.

The future is here

In Game Advertising, or IGA, is in its infancy, and a useful tool for reaching elusive audiences. It comes in varying forms, hardcoded into a game to appear as billboards or the like, dynamically integrated live into a game, as done in Xbox by the 2008 Obama campaign, and dynamic IGA which can be changed in real-time, offering a plethora of offline expansion opportunities. IGA offers similar benefits to social media advertising, and in a world where social media is taking a hit, this is a compelling alternative. Fortnite has taken this a step further with licensed content and characters within live games promoting new movies (like Tenet below) and concerts. They have now gone full meta partnering with the Avengers to promote the new Avengers game out on 4 September.

Lick fingers at own risk

KFC has temporarily moved away from its well-known “It’s finger lickin’ good” slogan in its first-ever global campaign. The ads show KFC billboards and products throughout the years with the slogan censored, in a nod to the current Covid-19 situation. It ends with the line “That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now.” The campaign will run across TV, press, social media and digital. Outdoor ads will feature KFC buckets with disclaimers, saying things like: “Lick fingers at own risk”.

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Ice cream with a side of activism

Speaking of chicken, Ben and Jerry’s have used social media to show some interesting flavours– all for an important reason. They have posted a series of fake ice cream flavours (including chicken, and brussels sprouts and cheese) with the message: “Some things just don’t make sense. Like this flavour… and people seeking asylum not having the right to work. Sign the petition and help #LiftTheBan”. Recent data from YouGov BrandIndex shows that the ice cream brand saw an increase in purchase consideration just a week after the brand criticised Home Secretary Priti Patel over Twitter in regards to her comments about migrants attempting to enter the UK by boat: “Hey @PritiPatel we think the real crisis is our lack of humanity for people fleeing war, climate change and torture. We pulled together a thread for you.”

Read more on marketing week here.

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