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For this week’s Internet Picks, we think it’s time to spread positivity with some thought-provoking campaigns that are breaking down stereotypes and taboos when it comes to our bodies.

Bodyform Womb Stories

Bodyform have launched a powerful campaign call ed Womb Stories. As a brand, they have been trying to break the taboo around women’s bodies and menstruation with campaigns including Blood Normal and Viva La Vulva. The Womb Stories campaign is led by a 3min 20sec video that depicts the pleasurable and painful reality of women’s experiences around periods, sex, fertility and motherhood. Overall this campaign is a celebration of womanhood in and a step forward in breaking down stigmas and stereotypes; on their website, Bodyform explains: “They are real stories of love and hate, of pleasure and pain and pain so severe it’s a disease with a name, endometriosis, it’s stories of longing and trying for babies. And of never wanting children. Ever. The joy of birth. The pain of birth. And the silent devastation of miscarriage. Stories of clockwork periods. And haywire ones. Of awkward beginnings and roller-coaster peri-menopausal endings. Good stories. Bad stories. Mundane ones. Profound ones. The bitter. And the sweet.”

Let’s Not go Back to Normal

Durex’s new campaign Let’s Not Go Back to Normal launched last month with a 1min video creative promoting safe sex as the new normal. Based on insights that show that the coronavirus has impacted people’s attitudes towards sexual health, it explores the norms of the past that were shamed, like women carrying condoms and unnecessary STI rates, and issues a call to action for people to “not go back to normal” and make changes in their behaviour when it comes to sexual health. Ben Wilson, Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Category Director said:

“Everyone is talking about going back to normal. But nobody is questioning whether we should. The truth is, ‘normal’ is rooted in a lot of outdated conventions when it comes to sex and we know we can do better. We’re taking it upon ourselves to challenge that normal, because nobody should want to go back to a world that wasn’t working for everyone."


Back in March, Tena’s bold and powerful Ageless campaign took flight, championing older women without a stereotype to be seen. Tackling incontinence head on, it takes a candid approach to explore women’s experiences of getting older and their attitudes towards sex and their bodies. The campaign aimed to challenge perceptions around incontinence, and we think it’s refreshing to see a diverse mix of older women depicted in advertising in a way that feels more authentic. From the Tena website:

“Worn-out stereotypes simply don’t describe how women over 50 are living their lives now. Thanks to thousands of women who shared their stories with us, it’s clear they are enjoying enriched, fulfilling experiences — including sex. Incontinence doesn’t change this”.

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