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Bigger Picture Trends: Data privacy

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In this fourth trends piece, we look at the complicated topic of data privacy.

Personalisation has been heralded by many as the panacea for all of advertising’s ills, and a sure-fire way to get ahead of the competition, and in many ways this is true. However, when technology meets business pressures, competitor capability, ethics, short-term results and long-term impacts, you make a perfect storm, with data privacy sitting at the centre.

There is nothing simple about data privacy, and there’s a huge amount of factors to consider. As Tim Cook, Apple CEO said “Too many are still asking the question ‘how much can we get away with?’ when we need to be asking ‘what are the consequences?’”

When it comes to data privacy, the winners will be those who see the bigger picture. Click here to read our trends report on the issue and the implications it has for brands.

Big thank you to the contributors, Katy Harkness, Matt Delaney and Lindsey Jordan.

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