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Bigger Picture Trends: 5G

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In this second trends piece, we look at 5G and how it’s blurring the lines between IRL and IVL and supercharging everything else.

In 2019, the first permanent 5G network was launched at London Fashion Week and marked the start of the 5G era. With it, 5G brings new expectations of opportunities for the way we interact with each other, with our communication and content choices, and with the built environment. In other words, 5G brings new rules and standards that will guide smartphone manufacturers and network operators to create a more efficient mobile experience.

5G will be adopted faster than any other tech breakthrough and will blur the virtual and the real like we have never seen before. In our latest trends piece, we look at what opportunities this creates for brands.

To find out, you can read the Bigger Picture Trends: 5G piece here.

Special thanks to Richard Britton and Lindsey Jordan for their input in this piece

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