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Missing the mark

When Robert Burns wrote that ‘The best laid schemes o’Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley’ he was clearly thinking about the world of marketing and the impact of an ad campaign missing the mark.

Whether the concept be flawed or the audience misunderstood, there is nothing like the power of the people to derail a campaign. This week we look at recent campaigns that have been cut short after driving a negative reaction from their audiences.

Creepy Bus Ad

A bus advert promoting Channel 4 show ‘Naked Attraction’ will be removed by TfL following a huge criticism on social media. The ad includes three arrows pointing towards seats on the top deck bus with captions underneath saying, “Loves Naked Attraction”, “Hates Naked Attraction” and “Loves Being Naked”. Twitter users pointed out it could endanger women and child passengers also stressing that the ad is really inappropriate especially given the volume of assaults and sexual harassment on buses.

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Bad Taste

The Ivy’s recent Instagram ad to promote its new The Ivy Asia restaurant in London proved a little hard to swallow and was quickly taken down after swift criticism for the use of racial stereotypes. British actor and filmmaker Daniel York Loh declared it a “a horrible mish-mash of cultural archetypes mixed together. It has comedy geisha and the Fu Manchu-type guy pulling the rickshaw.” The Ivy has since apologised and has promised to review its internal processes and guidelines.



On the other side of the coin, an advert for a Russian sushi chain has been pulled for being too progressive for its market. Shockingly the source of the outrage was that a black male model was being used to promote the brand, this alone incurred the wrath of a powerful nationalist group who bombarded all involved in the campaign with abuse and threats. Whilst the Sushi brand initially pushed back, it was ultimately forced to pull the ads and apologise in order to protect the models and its own business from the backlash.

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