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The e-sports and gaming arena is going from strength to strength. Teenagers are becoming millionaires as a result of their Fortnite prowess. Top streamers are being signed to big name brand partnerships. Many love being part of the community that live streaming offers.

This week we take a look at this in a little more detail and see just how brands are getting involved.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, Twitch is an online service for the watching and streaming of digital broadcasts. Originally, its focus was on gaming, however, it has now expanded to include music, chat, sewing – if you can do it (with your clothes on) then it’s likely someone will watch you. Now owned by Amazon, the platform has up to 500,000 performers streaming live every day and more than 1m viewers at any one time. For the right product, Twitch commands a loyal following and a captive market that brands such as EA games, Subway, and South Park have all targeted.

Ready Player One

H&M is appealing to hard to reach 18-34-year-old males with gaming, through an extension of its ‘H vs M’ campaign. Gaming influencers Harry and Manny go head to head on Fifa 20, wearing clobber from H&M’s autumn collection.

H&M game their way into young men’s hearts

Two in three consumers would rather give up social media apps or TV than lose their favourite mobile games. This is reflected in the global mobile gaming market, which is projected to be worth $174 billion by 2021 (for context global movie box office in 2018 was $41.7 billion). What steps can brands take to start investing?

How big is the mobile gaming opportunity?

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