Advertising through a pandemic


In these unprecedented times, it is easy to see media as a nice-to-have, or potentially even inappropriate. But with the right focus, messaging and conviction, brands can bring help and support to everyone – from those doing the right thing and staying at home, to those who leave the safety of their homes to support us all.

This week we look at the brands who are stepping forward to fill the advertising void with hope and support.

Rather than pull ad spend, Birds Eye have launched their new “What’s For Tea?’ campaign as a way to show support for its customers by offering the comfort of a familiar brand. With sales of frozen foods up 84%, the brand chose not to promote product but to tell consumers “You’re there for each other, we’re here for you”. Turned around in 18 days, the new ad demonstrates that it is still possible to deliver new, appropriate campaigns despite the challenges we are currently facing.

How not to freeze in a pandemic

Camp Bestival, the family-friendly festival, is to hold a weekend of entertainment across its social channels to celebrate Easter whilst we are all confined to our homes. The Stay At Home Easter Sleepover will involve comedy, DJ sets, live acts and even crafting and families will be encouraged to build a den in their homes and wear their festival gear. Donations to the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust and The Trussell Trust will be encouraged through fundraising links.

Stay At Home Easter Sleepover

Apart from the nationwide clapping to show our support for the NHS key workers amongst us, there has been an out of home campaign to show our gratitude for all the key workers in every field. The “Grateful Britain” campaign runs throughout April and May and uses humour to show appreciation. One creative reads, “Thank you to our croc wearin’, patient carin’, stethoscope slingin’, bin collectin’, letter postin’, prescription fillin’, shelf stackin’, lorry drivin’, loo roll deliverin’ heroes.”

Grateful Britain

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