A Newbie MediaCommers Life in Lockdown

10 7 20 A newbie Mediacommers life in Lockdown

When I began working at MediaCom Edinburgh in October last year, it wasn’t just a new job. I was jumping headfirst into a new city, new life and new friends.

When COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works and ‘cancelled’ the year I had envisioned I was worried I’d inadvertently fall out of love with the city I had wanted to call home for so many years.

Fortunately, this hasn’t been the case. I realise the pandemic and consequential lockdown has been hard for a lot of people and my experiences are just my own. I’ve definitely felt affected by the new arrangements of life but at the same time, I couldn’t have been happier that this has come when I’m just 24 years of age. I have no mortgage, no dependents and no real responsibilities other than putting food in my stomach and making sure rent comes out of my account each month. To make life even rosier, I have found myself living in a lovely flat with strangers-turned-flatmates-turned-friends who have kept me sane and made this experience one to remember.

I remember thinking that 2020 was a write-off and that everyone should just start again come 1st January 2021 (we can all stay the same age, I’ll be in my early twenties for another 12 months thank you very much!). I was unenthused about staying inside for the foreseeable, having my travel plans cancelled and working remotely with colleagues and clients who make the job I love what it is. However, reflecting on the past 100+ days, 2020 has been one of my favourite years to date.

Living with a creative bunch of girls such as an “events thinker-upper” (certainly not her official title but you know what I mean) and a production co-ordinator has meant this time has been commemorated with a 22-minute-long video showing highlights of our lockdown experience. In true ‘Big Brother’ style, we have documented our experience with a diary room set up in our bathtub, hopping in at any moment to discuss our thoughts and feelings during the lockdown. From a housemate’s account of life on furlough to a nurse’s experience of working on a COVID ward, there have been highs, lows and hard-hitting footage. We’ve also managed to capture the fun stuff and showcase the imaginative ways in which we’ve stayed sane (and always entertained). We’ve managed to run a bar crawl, put on a circus show and even survive a police raid; all without leaving the house!

If I take anything away from this chapter in my life, I want it to be that situations are what you make of them and to embrace the unforeseen circumstances with open arms. I could very easily have gone back to Belfast in March and been a Negative Nancy about the whole circumstance but where would that have gotten me? I undoubtedly wouldn’t be leaving lockdown with the lifelong memories captured in this short film 👇 with some of my favourite people.

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