5 Key Trends for 2021


Over the next few weeks, we will be covering five trends that we believe need to be top of our list as we move through the choppy waters of 2021.

In this first instalment we look at:

– Gaming: Not if but how. Fuelled by the pandemic, gaming is now not only bigger than ever, but mass. So, what are the different roles it can play for brands?

– 5G: Blurring the lines between IRL and IVL and supercharging everything else. 5G will be adopted faster than any other tech breakthrough and will blur the virtual and the real like we have never seen before. So, what opportunities does this create for brands?

A big thank you to the contributors, Jack Bradford, Lindsey Jordan, Andrew Raymond and Rich Britton.

To read the first part of our trends report, click here.

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