414 days without a hug

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We’ve had a run of good news recently, haven’t we?

Firstly, we’ll soon be able to eat our dinners inside restaurants and legally be able to wash it down with a (large) glass of wine and secondly, by next week we will be able to hug our nearest and dearest after 414 days of a hug-less existence. I can almost feel the buzz in the air as the anticipation for normal life to return seems to be fuelling everything we do. Brands are also showing themselves to be giddy with excitement as these lifts in restrictions happen, which feels only reassuring that we are nearing the light at this very long tunnel.

Mmmmm Donuts

To celebrate the gradual easing of lockdown, Krispy Kreme has been giving away a million of their donuts for free. The #SmilesAsCurrency activity has started on Monday, 10th May and will run for a week. All donut fans need to do is go to their nearest Krispy Kreme store and share (through a social media post, a photo, a message, or a post-it note) how you have connected with someone that has made you smile. The company is calling this new way of “buying” its doughnuts as “dough-coin”, becoming the first brand to accept “connection as currency”.

Fancy a Free Donut?

Welcome Back

British Airways have shown a more playful than usual side with their ‘You Make Us Fly’ ad. With their familiar Flower Duet theme playing in the background, the minute long video shows their staff waking up and returning to work after what we know has been a very long and challenging hiatus. It has everyone from captains to ground operation teams returning to their jobs with the same enthusiasm and joy we can also expect from travellers once restrictions have been lifted. The tagline, ‘We all have something that makes us fly. For us, it’s you,’ is a nice reminder of the airline’s commitment to the comfort and enjoyment of their passengers. It’s an uplifting piece that shows us that there are crew looking forward to the return to normality as much as the rest of us.

Farewell Pet Peeves

Wrigley’s new campaign is more on the risqué side of things than we’d usually see for a gum advertisement. The creative is set in a world not too unlike our own, where lockdown has finally come to an end and hordes of people are flowing out into the streets to run, frolic and snog one another with wild abandon. The ad makes light of many of the global pet peeves that have manifested over the past year, including never-ending video calls, the lack of personal grooming, and the general slog of being stuck in our home’s day after day. I will say, the image of a particularly unkempt man, clutching his packet of toilet paper and gazing bleary-eyed from his front door feels a bit too familiar...

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