Planning for effectiveness amidst a pandemic

20 10 20 Planning for effectiveness amidst a pandemic

Planning for effectiveness amidst a pandemic

Our Managing Partner & Head of Systems Intelligence, Jane Christian, spoke at EffWorks IPA Global 2020 presented by Thinkbox TV.

Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director at Thinkbox held the satellite event last week where he spoke to MediaCom, Wavemaker and Gain Theory to discuss ‘planning for effectiveness amidst a pandemic’.

Matt shared some Thinkbox learnings in the space of effectiveness whilst questioning something that’s been at the top of our minds for a while now… “How reliant can we be on past effectiveness learnings and past effectiveness data sets when the world has changed so much with shifted consumer and media behaviour?”

The panel also discussed what value we can draw from these past data sets and how can we use them in planning going forward.

Watch the full video here!

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