MediaCom's 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report

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At MediaCom UK, we believe it is vital to have a diverse and gender-balanced workforce. Since our inception, we have worked hard to ensure this principle sits at the heart of our business strategy and culture. As such, we welcomed the government’s decision that, from 2017, all companies with 250+ employees publish their gender pay gap data on an annual basis.

In 2017 we published our first Gender Pay Gap report, which detailed salary and bonus data from across the business. Today we are publishing our Gender Pay Gap Report for 2021, which includes the following data:

  • PAY GAP – percentage difference (mean and median) in hourly rate of pay between male and female employees at the snapshot date of 5 April
  • BONUS GAP – percentage difference (mean and median) in total bonus payments received by male and female employees in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date
  • QUARTILES – total percentage of employees in order from lowest hourly rate of pay to highest hourly rate of pay, split into four equal groups
  • PERCENT RECEIVED BONUS – percentage of all males and females who received a bonus in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date.

The full report is available to download here.

Please be aware that MediaCom UK is made up of two legal entities: MediaCom Holdings, which accounts for all employees based in London and those in Scotland; and MediaCom North, which accounts for all employed based in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

MediaCom Holdings includes our UK London agency, Scottish agency and MediaCom Worldwide employees based in London. MediaCom Worldwide is a global company in 105 countries around the world. In April 2021 (and previous years) a significant proportion of MediaCom’s Worldwide Global Board (which includes the most senior leaders in the entire organisation) were based in London. As their salaries were processed by the MediaCom Holdings payroll department, we have included these figures in our data.

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